Allura Ring

These rings are so beautifully designed and affordably priced, you’ll both be saying “I do!” without a moment’s hesitation.

Kesslers Allura Collection features twelve stunning engagement ring designs, each capturing a timeless, classic look that feels some how contemporary at the same time. Of course, these sorts of amazing designs are what you’ve come to expect from Kesslers. The real eye-popping part comes when you look at the price. Each of the dazzling rings in the Kesslers Allura Collection is priced at $1999 or less—including the matching diamond wedding band!

Designed and handcrafted by Kesslers’ exceptional designers, the Allura Collection is available exclusively at Kesslers Diamonds. Examine the Allura Collection for yourself. We think you’ll agree the remarkable beauty of these rings is matched only by their price.

Click here to view the Allura Collection.

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