Clarity refers to generally minute imperfections or birthmarks, which are inherit in all diamonds. We grade for clarity though a ten-power microscope, so even those rare diamonds graded as flawless are only flawless at ten-power. If we were to go to higher magnifications we would probably find imperfections in them as well.

Under 10X magnification, a diamond's grade is one of the following:

  • (FL/IF) – Flawless or Internally Flawless will have no inclusions visible
  • (VVS) – Very,Very Slight Inclusions ( VVS1 - VVS2) may have minute inclusions, extremely difficult to find
  • (VS) – Very Slight Inclusions (VS1 - VS2) has minor inclusions, difficult to find
  • (SI) – Slight Inclusions (SI1 - SI2) may have noticeable inclusions, easy to find
  • (I) – Imperfect (I1 – I3) has obvious inclusions, visible to the naked eye


Key Point

Out of the eleven possible grades, the first eight will look the same to the naked eye under normal conditions.

For more information on Clarity, take a look at our videos on the 4Cs.

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