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Got a question about your ring or care to share a comment about your service experience? Want to tell Richard how wonderful his voice sounds on the radio? Or would you like to contact one of our associates directly? Just choose the appropriate option and provide a brief message. We'll get back to you in a heartbeat.
Kessler's Customer Service


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Jessica T.
Team Leader
Sales Associates
Sindy W.
Michelle K.
Ashley H.
Pam A.
Kim M.
Rebecca Y.
Debbie F.
Office Associates
Evelyn C.
Stephanie K.
Grace C.
Ariel P.
Kim T.
Germantown Store
James B.
Goldsmith Team Leader
Goldsmith Office Associates
Heather C.
Melissa J.
Heather S.
Abe M.
Amy B.
Chris H.
Dan C.
Jenni S.
Jennifer B.
Sharon M.
Zac D.
Kristina S.
Brian R.
Lucy L.
Steve M.
Germantown Store
Jon S.
Team Leader
Sales Associates
Ann M.
Doris F.
Lisa W.
Sue P.
Teri H.
Ashley L.
Tara F.
Office Associates
Gail M.
Hailey P.
Megan T.
Rachel G.
Greenfield Store
Stacey C.
Team Leader
Sales Associates
Michelle B.
Carol D.
David S.
Karen M.
Lisa M.
Sara S.
Stacey K.
Office Associates
Danielle T.
Brian B.
Stefanie C.
Samantha H.
Brookfield Store
Walter B.
Team Leader
Sales Associates
Mark Y.
Julie S.
Judy Z.
Jennifer W.
Casie G.
Arnold P.
Amy V.
Amber R.
Tanya A.
Office Associates
Heather K.
Bev A.
Tracy H.
Rachel F.
Kelley F.
Nick H.
Jeff K.
Travis A.
Appleton Store
Nicole J.
Team Leader
Sales Associates
Brett S.
Hannah W.
Jay B.
Jenna S.
Jolene W.
Kathy Y.
Kris K.
Terry G.
Susan S.
Office Associates
Katie U.
Tiffany E.
Jamie M.
Kelsey Z.
Brian S.
Frank D.
Madison Store
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