Design Your Own Ring

The love you share for each other is as special and personal as two people have ever known. So why not express that love with a ring design that’s just as unique?

At Kesslers®, our talented goldsmiths can help you create a custom ring design that perfectly captures your individual style and feelings for one another. It’s a dramatic and lasting way to say, “Our love is one of a kind.”

The first step is to sit down with our Sales Associate and share your ideas. Most often, the designer will turn your thoughts into a few hand-drawn sketches so you can work together to refine your design. Or they may go right to CAD software to allow you to examine a 3-D rendering of your vision.

Once you approve the final design, a wax model is either hand-carved by the goldsmith or machine-milled using the CAD design. This model is then used to create a precise plaster mold. Next, just the right amount of gold is melted. Then the gold is shot into the mold as it is revolved at 300 rpm inside a special machine canister, filling every detail of the impression.

As the mold is carefully dissolved, a rough gold casting is revealed. This casting is then hand-polished to a brilliant shine, and “Voilà!”… your custom ring is ready to be admired by the whole world.

It’s a process that’s as personal and timeless as your love for each other. So, how do you picture your perfect engagement ring? Let us help you capture your vision with a breath-taking Kesslers® custom ring design today!

Custom Jewelry Making - The Hand Carved Process
Custom Jewelry Making - The CAD Process
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