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The value and quality that Kesslers provides is undeniable. Kesslers brings transparency to a market that is so dependent on it! Other providers try to cloud your judgment, leaving the customer with murky diamonds. Our number one comment about the ring is, "It's so SPARKLY!" Really, what else could someone ask for?
I lived in Southeast Wisconsin for 22 years (born and raised) before moving down to Charlotte, North Carolina for a career opportunity. I met the woman I wanted to marry soon afterward, and immediately knew where I would need to go to purchase the perfect diamond. So, I bought a plane ticket and flew back up to Wisconsin. After only a few minutes at your Germantown location I locked eyes with THE stone and setting which would become my wife's engagement and wedding rings. Everyone commented about how beautiful the diamond was, how it sparkled and shimmered and popped. But there was only one opinion I truly cared about - and she loved it! My wife Amanda and I still talk about how fantastic the diamonds and rings are, as well as the great value and customer service that Kesslers provides. There is nothing on earth like finding the right girl, and having the right diamond to symbolize that commitment makes the journey even sweeter. Thanks for doing it right. - Jesse

Before I proposed to my wife I was lost, I kept hearing the commercials on the radio and after visiting some of the other jewelry stores in town I stopped in to Kesslers. I had no idea what to get my wife to be but I got a lot of help from Jay at the Madison store. He directed me to the solitaire diamond rings and told me about the awesome exchange policy. Jay had selected the perfect ring for me to propose with without breaking the bank. After we I popped the question and it was time to look for wedding bands we traded in the solitaire diamond and got my wife a beautiful three piece combo. Although it was tough for my wife to give up the first ring I gave her she quickly got over it seeing her new ring sparkle on her finger. After our first year of marriage I went back to Jay and found a beautiful set of diamond earrings. I am truly impressed with the quality of my purchases and the customer service I received from Jay. Thanks again, Adam Customer for life

Thank you , thank you to Karen at the Brookfield store! My fiancee gave me my grandma's ring when he proposed, and we took it to Kesslers to have the diamonds re-set into a new ring. Karen was so nice and was a great advocate during the design process, insuring that it look almost identical to the original. It is perfect and I wouldn't trade it for any other diamond. It means the world to me that you were able to recreate this treasure for us. Thanks! Matt and Hannah

I walked into Kesslers nervous and within 5 minutes of talking to my salesman Mark I was completely at ease. Everything was directed at me and nothing was done to make me feel uncomfortable or pressured.

Hi Richard, I had a wonderful experience with Hannah at your Middleton, WI location. She acknowledged my presence immediately with a friendly greeting. I was very pleased on how she focused on what I needed and did not attempt to upsell me to something beyond my budget. Hannah's kindness and honesty was one of the key reasons I chose to purchase my fiancés engagement ring from there. I recommended my friend to Kesslers a week later where he made a purchase as well. My proposal was perfect timing because Hannah was able to get the sizing done on time. I thank Hannah and appreciate your business.

We had gone to a different chain and found a ring she liked, which was even on sale. We thought it was perfect, but decided to sleep on the decision. On the way home we saw Kesslers and decided why not. Great thing we did, because we found the exact same ring, but it was selling for $800 less. Not only that, we found a different ring she liked even better. From the time we entered the store to the time I left with the ring in my hand a week later, we received top-notch service and quality.

We went to Kesslers to get a new setting for my wife's engagement ring. I decided to go there because of the great experience my son had picking out rings for him and his wife. There is no pressure to purchase anything, and they make everyone feel special regardless of how much they are spending.

Each and every time we are at Kesslers my wife and I feel very comfortable. There is never any pressure and all the employees are cheerful and helpful. I feel that they all go the extra mile to make anyone who walks in feel comfortable and welcome.

Hi Mr. Kessler,

I am sure you're a busy man, but I wanted to share a wonderful experience my fiancée and I were able to have at your Madison store with Nicole.

It all started near the spring of 2011.  My fiancée and I were gauging the market for wedding rings so when the time did come, she had what she wanted.  At the time I lived in Eau Claire, WI so most of my searching occurred in Minneapolis or Eau Claire.  One weekend we were down in Madison for a family vacation, and her brother and sister in-law knew we were looking for wedding rings and gave us a suggestion, "Go to Kesslers!"  Why not, everywhere else we went only cared about our money and never fully satisfied us with all of our wants.


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