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First of all a huge thank you to Amber Rettler in the Appleton store. After searching at many different jewelers, meeting all types or stereotypes of sales people from pushy to rude, Amber is really a cut above. In many visits to the store from shopping to finally picking up the ring Amber and all the other staff we met we very pleasant to work with. We had a heirloom diamond they set in a great band and the work was very well done and Ann keeps getting distracted looking at it sparkle. Thank you for your part in making our special moment truly memorable. Thanks again, Brian
This year has been a huge mile-stone of change for me. I was widowed at 39, left with 4 boys to raise. This was over 6 years ago. At that time, all I could muster was one foot in front of the other, surviving! The past few years have been long, hard, challenging, and rewarding all at the same time! I have graduated 3, and married off my oldest! Our 'surprise' is 13....wow!! Last January, I enrolled myself in an accelerated medical assistant program. I was currently working full-time, going to school full-time, and still being a mom! I resigned from my job in the spring and continued my MA schooling thru the summer. August brought the end of classes. September brought an internship. October's encounterment was an overdue surgery for me. November brought a brand new job. December brought my state certification. WHEW is all I can say!! Yesterday while shopping with my mom, she casually mentioned that she and my dad wanted to get me something for graduation. I didn't know what to say- or what I wanted. My mom's question eventually was 'do you want a new piece of jewelry?' I jumped at the opportunity! We were by the NEW Grandville, Michigan store and made our way there. WOW!! What an experience!! Denise was my sales rep and she was wonderful!! She greeted us at the door with a smile and very friendly. I told her my story and my crazy journey this past year and why I had come in the store. She took me to the ring counter and the shopping began. With my new job, I am doing lots of hands on things and wear rubber gloves. I wanted a ring that was flat to my finger for comfort and easy of wear for my job. If I tried on 1 ring, I tried on about 15! I found the perfect on by process of elimination- those I liked, in the color I liked and the size available. I narrowed my choices down to 2 and from there, had to make the final decision. Boy, that was both tough and very emotional!! I put on my ring, held it up to myself, and looked in the mirror. Then, I held out my hand, to look from a distance. That look let go of a tsunami of emotions. I was so overcome with emotion, I just sobbed and sobbed at the counter! My friend was supporting me on the left and my mom was crying with me on my right, and Denise the sales rep just gazed, was quiet, and relished in the moment. The ring I walked out the door with is a weave of gold and diamonds. It is perfect!!! Tells my story like no other ring, or jewlery rep or store could do! My past year, weaved together with all the heart, emotions, and drive I have experienced this past year to make changes to my life, for the better! And to have it given to me as a graduation gift from my parents, who along with my kids, have been a huge support system for and to me. I will be a returning customer!! Thank you, again, for your awesome customer service, concern, care, love and treating me like family!!
I just have to say how awesome my experience with Kessler's has been for the last year and would especially like to thank Becky and Pam from the Germantown location. My fiance and I were both completely clueless when it came to anything about rings, but Becky and Pam both worked closely with us to pick out the perfect engagement ring and wedding bands. They are both so knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. They made this experience so much less stressful than what we imagined. They made it a fun and exciting experience and not a stressful one. We never once felt any amount of pressure at Kessler's. They were very accepting of our price range and Kessler's has so many beautiful options for virtually any budget. Kessler's people are not "salespeople"--they never try to convince or coerce. They work with you as a team to meet your specific preferences. I can't even begin to describe how beautiful my ring is. I never thought I'd get so many people randomly commenting on how beautiful it is--and it truly is. I couldn't be happier with it--it's perfect. And honestly, compared to rings from other places, there is no comparison. Kessler's rings really do look better. I know every jewelry place says that about their jewelry, but it really is true with Kessler's. I don't know what it is, but their diamonds SPARKLE far beyond my friends' rings. Everyone comments on how sparkly it is. Thanks again to Kessler's for everything so far, especially Becky and Pam who held our hands through this whole process. We are forever grateful. :)
I had purchased a necklace and earrings for my wife for Christmas. She loved them. When she went to wear them we both had trouble making the clasp work. We decided that a little longer chain would make operation of the clasp easier. I went to to the Germantown store on 1/17/15. I was met with a smile at the door and asked what they could do for me. I explained what I needed and they took it in the back. They returned minutes later with everything including the longer chain packed in the gift box. I asked what I owed them and they said it's all part of our guarantee. 100% customer satisfaction. They are no only a good neighbor, but now my jeweler for life. Thanks! Joe
I can't say enough good things about our sales rep KIM M. At the Germantown store . She was awesome to work with and with a ton of patience. We had issues before even seeing Kim but after four trips and hours of her help we got everything worked out to our complete satisfaction . Thanks again Kim for all your help !
I just wanted to express my complete happiness with the engagement ring I recently purchased. I had quite a few personal issues the first few weeks I was engaged, and by the time all was said and done, I had bought and returned 3 different rings! I couldn't believe how supportive and cooperative everyone at Kesslers was, especially my sales rep Amber. I was absolutely mortified, but everyone always made me feel special and at ease, not once letting on that I was causing any kind of trouble or inconvenience for them. I truly do now have the most beautiful ring I could ever imagine, and I will recommend Kessler's to anyone always!
My name is Meghan, and I recently visited the Greenfield store. My husband has gotten gifts for me from Kesslers in the past, but I hadn't really been in before. I had a really wonderful experience with one of your employees, Ashley. From the moment I walked in, Ashley made me feel welcome, and was attentive throughout. She was very helpful, sincere, and overall, wonderful to work with! I stopped in a few times, and it seems obvious that she enjoys her job and makes a genuine connection with guests. Although I didn't end up making a purchase, she never made me feel pressured or like I wasted her time. I posted a positive Yelp review as well, and I hope that she'll be recognized for great customer care. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Many thanks again to Ashley!!
I would just like to take a moment to commend your sales associate Sara S. I recently decided to let my wife pick out a diamond necklace for herself, it was a Wednesday evening, I looked as if I couldn't rub two nickels together, but we received a level of service I would expect at any Tiffany's or that level of extravagance. I like "shiny baubles" and have always heard your advertising, which I feel is top notch, (I have a history in the advertising field) and decided to stop into your store. Whereas there are many choices for my discretionary dollars for jewelry, I have yet to be treated with this level of professionalism and friendliness, without sales pitch at any other venue of this type. It is because of this experience with Ms. Sara S. that I will indeed be returning to your store when my needs fall into the diamond jewelry category again. Thank you for living up to the expectations that your advertising offers, and thank you to Ms. Sara S., my wife loves her Kessler 81 Diamond pendant necklace. I am not sure she has taken it off yet.
The value and quality that Kesslers provides is undeniable. Kesslers brings transparency to a market that is so dependent on it! Other providers try to cloud your judgment, leaving the customer with murky diamonds. Our number one comment about the ring is, "It's so SPARKLY!" Really, what else could someone ask for?
I lived in Southeast Wisconsin for 22 years (born and raised) before moving down to Charlotte, North Carolina for a career opportunity. I met the woman I wanted to marry soon afterward, and immediately knew where I would need to go to purchase the perfect diamond. So, I bought a plane ticket and flew back up to Wisconsin. After only a few minutes at your Germantown location I locked eyes with THE stone and setting which would become my wife's engagement and wedding rings. Everyone commented about how beautiful the diamond was, how it sparkled and shimmered and popped. But there was only one opinion I truly cared about - and she loved it! My wife Amanda and I still talk about how fantastic the diamonds and rings are, as well as the great value and customer service that Kesslers provides. There is nothing on earth like finding the right girl, and having the right diamond to symbolize that commitment makes the journey even sweeter. Thanks for doing it right. - Jesse
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